Skill AdrenalineAdrenaline


Levels 1+.


Every shot that misses <Trooper> makes him act quicker.


Being fired at and not hit.


"How do I motivate my troops?...
– Hehe, everyone has their little secrets!"


Skill Dodger Tuck &#039;n&#039; Roll Skill Camouflage Wife Beater TakeCovericon

Countered by:

Skill Heat Sensor

Adrenaline is an active Gen Ability Ability (available after acquiring the Skill of the same name) relying heavily on Small Dodge Dodge Stat. Being fired at, the Btl Troopers Trooper gets Small Initiative Initiative boosts for every round that misses him. Essentially, it grants more return fire capability.

Naturally, avoiding automatic fire in middle/close Small Range Range grants substantial bonuses. That's where all Dodge-augmenting upgrades are invaluable, especially Gen Ability Tuck 'n' Roll and Gen Ability Camouflage.


  • Quite often, even hitting the trooper targeted grants them initiative.


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