Small Armor Armor is an individual Stat that can reduce Small Damage Damage. The exact formula is not figured yet. Helmet-wearing Specialists are noted to be protected from negative effects of headshots on the first hit to the head.

1 Small Armor is noted to negate 1 Small Damage. Although, armor itself doesn't protect from Small Killshot Killshots.

Veh Truck Vehicles, such as the Veh Light Tank Light Tank, are shielded by default, rendering small arms ineffective, usually requiring concentrated fire in lack of anything suitable to be destroyed. With sufficient munitions, a canned trooper can be relatively safe from Rats, right until the moment he runs out and abandons his überwaffe. However, armored Veh Truck Vehicles are less useful against explosives, as explosives deliver double damage to Veh Truck Vehicles.

Any effect of armor can combine with the damage reduction of Item Heavy Armor Heavy Armor (which technically may not be armor at all).

Ways to Alter Armor



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