Bounce Back
Skill Bounce Back


Levels 7+.


When <trooper> is knocked down, he takes no Fall Damage, gets up immediately and gains +100 Initiative.


When <trooper> fall from air.


"These are new weapons-grade Y-fronts. With these, the war is already won."


Skill Fall Guy

Counter to:

Anything that cause Fall Damage.

Bounce Back is an unlockable passive Gen Ability Ability. The Btl Troopers Trooper takes no Fall Damage, gets up immediately, and gains +100 Small Initiative Initiative upon doing so. With enough Small Health Points Health Points, he should be able to counter Gen Ability Faceboot and Gen Ability Wrestler, as well as any explosives or shotguns, with a swift retaliation.

Bounce back also works well with Veh Truck Vehicles.


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