Small Burst Burst is a Small Weapon Weapon Stat that affects how many rounds can be fired in a row without having to take Small Aim Aim again. The only thing that limits bursts — regardless of how many rounds are fired — is magazine Small Capacity Capacity. Technically, all weaponry has a basic burst of 1, while automatic weapons can go more. If capacity allows, semi-automatic (1Small Burst) Weapons can fire more than 1 round per burst, but only with specific Small Level Upgrades. Only automatic weaponry can fire in bursts by default. Naturally, this includes Gen SMG Assault Weapons (3~4) and Gen Gatling Machine Guns (5~8). Therefore, they are subject to Spread, a variation of Small Area of Effect Area of Effect.

There are weapons able to fire two rounds per trigger pull, but such a feature is not treated as a burst, being a special skill instead. Thus, the magnitude of ammunition spray can be extended even further.

Ways to Alter Burst


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