An example of the left side of the HQ.

The Headquarters (manually accessed at "hq") is the main page from which you can access most of the others. After creating a new army this is the page you will be redirected to.

Headquarters sidebar is available on most pages and contains:

  • Credit and Power indicators.
  • Troops currently available, their Specializations, Levels and Equipment. Every dummy is linked with his own Stats Sheet.
  • Recruit a trooper. Recruitment pop-up dialogue with the links suitable for various ways to promote the game on any communicational resources.
  • History. Appears after recruiting at least 1 trooper. A preview of available recruits, two lists – of latest fights with replays and recruits.
  • Command my troops (manually accessed at "choice"). Appears after getting 5 troopers, allows to alter the order of deployment of dummies. With maximum zoom on your browser you can also view (but not re-order) all recruits, and all their stats complete with a link to their armies.
  • Rankings. Appears after reaching 20 Power or buying 3 troopers. Comparison of Power among a recruiter and his best recruits.
  • Protect my army (manually accessed at "protect"). Option to set passwords to prevent others from accessing your army. Disappears after creating a password. Only the person who created an army can set a password for it.
  • Tool-tip box.
  • Indication if there are new recruits waiting to be confirmed on arrival to History.
  • Replay of the latest defensive fight. Appears after being attacked for the fist time.

Headquarters page contains:

  • Pick a fight!
  • Mission.
  • Raid. Appears after recruiting at least 1 trooper.
  • Advertisement. The second one appears after unlocking Raids.


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