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Nearly best kill-potential illustrated.

Gen Shotgun Shotgun is a close quarters combat Small Weapon Weapon Class with an Small Area of Effect Area of Effect and Knock Down capability.

As friendly fire is a danger with these weapons, both Helm Spy Spies and Veh Motorcycle Motorcycle , Pilots are the favored shotgun troopers. Alternatively shotguns can be used in conjunction with Small Speed Speed upgrades to quickly get the trooper into firing range.

Thankfully, the class has a good Small Aim Aim, ensuring you won't miss most of unprotected targets. On top of that shotguns work perfectly in conjunction with all types of Gen Ammunition Special Ammunition (unlike the Item Fragmentation Grenade Fragmentation Grenades). When used in combination with the right skills, the weapons in this class are perfect for Shock Troopers.

In short, effective use of this class isn't always possible from the get-go, and requires acquiring certain upgrades first. Popular shotgun choices include Sprinter and Rush.

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