Small Damage Damage is a weapon Stat that directly affects how many Small Health Points Life Points the target will lose upon a Successful Hit. Most weapons come with an amplitude of damage, and by default, there's an equal chance of scoring any damage rating in the borders of the listed amplitude. If there's any Small Armor Armor rating present on the enemy, he suffers less damage than he would otherwise. Another correlating stat is Small Critical Critical. If a Trooper scores a critical hit, he will score a Small Killshot Killshot, which essentially deals more damage. All damage is dealt directly on impact, except for Poisoning, which affects the target gradually.

Here's a list of weapon classes with highest maximum damage (amplitudes here show upper damage boundaries for comparison) sorted in descending order:

Individual pieces among and between classes would be better compared individually.

Ways to Alter Damage



Screen Helmet-Shot

Protective effects of a Helm Soldier Soldier helmet. Shot with a Wpn Sniper Sniper (4 Small Damage) loaded with Item Hydroshock Shells Hydroshock Shells (=x60Small Critical).

Minitroopers Comm. Officer Helm

Exception: The helmet doesn't protect Comms. Officer and Scout from Fatal Shot.

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