Skill DoctorDoctor
Screen Doctor


Level 6


Heals a teammate for +5 Small Health Points Life Points in combat, additional +1 Small Health Points with each level-up. Immune to Ef Poison and Ef Paralysed.


Injured or poisoned Btl TroopersTrooper nearby.


"The toughest part of being a doctor is learning to tell the difference between the living and the dead. That saves a lot of time!"

Counter to:

Skill Gas Grenade Paralysing Shells-Icon Toxic shells

Helm Doctor Doctor is an unlockable helmet (i.e. Specialization or class) for Btl Troopers Troopers to acquire. Exclusive skills like Gen Ability Saviour, Anatomy, Amphetamine Shot and Item Healing GrenadeHealing Grenade can only be obtained by this class.


  • Heals a teammate for +5 Small Health Points Life Points in combat, additional +1 Small Health Points with each level-up. Thus at level 6 up to 10 LPs can be restored. A single trooper can receive only one treatment per battle, unless there are instances of using Gen Ability Saviour or Gen Ability Retreat; if that's the case, treatment status is reset, allowing for one more.
  • Detoxifies a teammate, removing Ef Poison's effects.
  • Immune to Ef Poison but not including Item Twinoid Twinoid


  • A Doctor will start his manual treatment when an ally Btl TroopersTrooper suffers at least 4 Small Health Points Life Point Damage, heals all body parts damages on that trooper.
  • When a Doctor's turn comes, he will always treat the ally with least LP within walking distance, if there are any. Else, he'll just keep fighting.
  • When treating a trooper that is both injured and poisoned, the doctor will heal him first, and detoxify him only if there are no more treatable troopers in the immediate vicinity.
  • Doctor's manual treatment and detoxifying process will not delay target trooper's reloading and aiming time.
  • Doctors cannot manually self heal. They may be healed by other doctors in the same group, use a Item First Aid First Aid kit on themselves or heal by Healing Grenade.
  • Doctor can detoxify a standing trooper or one lying on the ground.


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