Skill Dodger


Levels 1+.


The first shot fired is automatically dodged.


Passive (once).


"Ta daaaa! Thank you for your kind applause!"

Countered by:

Paralysing Shells-Icon Toxic shellsSkill Heat SensorEf Blind

Dodger is an unlockable passive Gen Ability Ability. Once acquired, the first shot fired at the trooper is automatically dodged. While it is a handy choice in most situations, it doesn't save one from the effects of Item Toxic Shells Toxic Shells or Item Paralysing Shells Paralysing Shells at all. On top of that, weapons shooting 2 rounds at a time (like Wpn Pistol Dual Pistols) can still hit the target with one of the rounds, dealing half the usual Damage.

This skill has no effect on launchers.

This ability also works on fragmentation grenades.


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