Item Explosive Shells Explosive Shells
Skill Explosive Shells


Levels 1+.


<Trooper> fires up to 6 shells, doubling their damage.


When firing (limited).


"My heart goes boom!"


Explosive Shells from the stat screen.

Item Explosive Shells Explosive Shells are an unlockable Small Equipment Animated Equipment, which can be used in one of the three equipment slots available for each trooper. Once equipped, it allows a Btl Troopers Trooper to fire up to 6 explosive shells, doubling or quadrupling their Small Damage Damage (depending on what weapon is used).

Note: Burst weapons will do double damage with explosive shells while one shot weapons will quadruple the damage.

Burst weapons: Machine guns, assault rifles.

One shot weapons: Snipers, pistols, shotguns.

No shells operate with Launcher class weapons.


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