This page is dedicated to honour those players whose armies have managed to kill a set number of rats during an extermination mission. And with at least one trooper from that army surviving the epic struggle against those hairy buggers. 
Minitroopers Extermination Mission 113 515 Rats39:05

Minitroopers Extermination Mission 113 515 Rats


500+ Rats Club

Currently only one player is known to have killed over 500 rats and survived. That is Arnulf. Here is the replay.

300+ Rats Club

200+ Rats Club

These players have been know to have killed 200+ rats

Those are: ryuuji

Player NoNsToPxs has managed to kill 201 rats with his army rjck. replay

160+ Rats Club

Arnulf's side army vs 167 rats. - - > replay

150+ Rats Club

130+ Rats Club

Player Pause has managed to kill 136 rats with his army Guy with a Rifle. replay

100+ Rats Club

Player Kompera has managed to kill 100 rats with his army Kompera2013. replay

Player NoNsToPxs has managed to kill 104 rats with his army rjck. replay

80+ Rats Club

60+ Rats Club

50+ Rats Club

40+ Rats Club

40 rats by undamaged

30+ Rats Club

39 rats by undamaged

35 rats by rabid fire

34 rats by dexholders

33 rats by camper2013 (battle code)

32 rats by camper005

20+ Rats Club

27 rats by camper006

23 rats by camper007

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