Screen H2H




1~2 Small Health Points.
Body part damage.
















Gen Ability Bait.

Wpn Fist Fists is an unlisted Gen Knife Melee weapon every Btl Troopers Trooper can use by default, along with the Wpn Boot Kicks. Probably the worst you have in your arsenal. Troops fight barehanded when other weapons aren't operational due to lack of ammunition, being knocked off due to hits, or enemy Btl Sabotage Sabotage. Either way, once unarmed, the trooper is almost completely useless, dealing 1~2 Small Damage Damage from the closest range. Small Aim Aim is terrible.

According to observations, fists offer little to no Small Critical Critical, unable to score Small Killshot Fatal Hits. However, the attack damages body parts, able to inflict additional damage and cause a number of Penalties. On top of that, troopers engaging in hand-to-hand combat are noted to completely ignore Gen Ability Bait, attacking the closest target instead.

Note that even having a Veh Motorcycle Motorcycle the trooper will dismount from the farthest range available, in line with other friendlies. It happens due to fists never being equipped from the start. As it stands, in case of Btl Sabotage Sabotage weapons of choice are still equipped during motorcycle entry, being replaced by anything else only after dismounting.

Fists are also influenced by Rush, making it easier for a high-speed pugilist to catch up with a fleeing enemy and beat them up at the same time.

Fists have 3 special Skills to boost them:

Having any of those significantly improves hand-to-hand potency. Couple it with Small Speed Speed and optionally Small Dodge Dodge augmentations, and the trooper can make quite a stir.

Being in close range increases the chance of seeing Gen Ability Propaganda on the battlefield (for both you and your opponent).


Disarming target, Fists of Fury + Death Grip. Replay: Link (space bar x1)

17 damage, Fists of Fury + Last Mohican. Replay: Link

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