Fixed Machine Gun v2
Wpn Pintle-Mounted Machine Gun
Fixed Machine Gun v2 1


Veh Heavy Tank


2~3 Small Health Points.










6/23 Small Round.


23/46 Small Round.
2 clips.


46 Small Round.


Cannot be Sabotaged.

Screen HT Purple Turret Blinded

A proof that Ef Blind status affects Veh Truck Vehicles.

Wpn Pintle-Mounted Machine Gun Fixed Machine Gun v2 is a Gen Gatling Machine Gun mounted on all Veh Heavy Tank Heavy Tanks, being the secondary weapon, utilized after the operator runs out of Wpn Battle Cannon Cannon shells or needs to engage enemies in close range. The machine gun can hold 23 cartridges at a time, with as many rounds in total as 46. If the main cannon has any munitions left or acquired by means of Resupplying, the operating Btl Troopers Trooper will switch back to it whenever possible.


  • Promotional and design images illustrate Veh Motorcycle Motorcycles armed with the weapon in question, the final version, however, does not feature any mounted armaments. The only feasible explanations are low durability which would result in almost certain destruction in any firefight, or simply desire to tease the players.

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