Item Heavy Armor Heavy Armor
Heavy Armor


Levels 1+. Free Equipment slot.


Reduces Damage sustained by 1 and reduces Speed by -20%.


Always (Passive).


"Haha! Who's in this tin can?
- Oh knackers, it's the commander!
- Ah... Oops."

Minitroopers Heavy armor

Heavy armor reduced the damage from Assault Rifle.

Item Heavy Armor Heavy Armor is a low-tier Small Equipment Animated Equipment (acquired after unlocking the Skill of the same name) which can be used in one of three equipment slots available per Btl Troopers Trooper. It reduces Small Damage Damage sustained by 1 (no matter which body part is hit) and reduces Small Speed Speed by 20%. Ef Poison is presumed to negate the damage reduction.

This skill's damage reduction effect can combine with the Item Bulletproof Vest Bulletproof Vest or Item Full Metal Balactlava Full Metal Balaclava. It is not yet explicitly confirmed, but it was suggested that this item (unlike Item Bulletproof Vest Bulletproof Vest or Item Full Metal Balactlava Full Metal Balaclava) is not accounted as Small Armor Armor. If this is true then the Heavy Armor may still have effect when fighting troopers with skills such as Armor-Piercing Shells.

A reasonable upgrade for long-ranged troopers with no need to run about. The negative effect of the skill can easily be negated by speed-augmenting abilities. However, the wearer isn't protected from Small Killshot Killshots.

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