Heavy machine gunHeavy Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun1


Levels 1+.


2~4 Small Health Points.










8/22 Small Round.


22/44 Small Round


44 Small Round.


• Heavy Weapon.
• Always loaded at the start of a fight.

The Wpn Heavy Machine Gun Heavy Machine Gun is an unlockable Gen Gatling Machine Gun weapon. Its most notable advantage is being fully loaded at the start of every fight, thus ensuring that a Btl Troopers Trooper won't be running out of ammunition after the first Small Burst Burst of fire.

Another advantage to the Heavy Machine Gun is its overall Small Damage damage. All Machine Guns have adequate damage, but the Heavy Machine Gun has the highest damage at a jaw dropping 24-32 per burst (assuming that every bullet hits). Because of this, the Heavy Machine Gun will often overkill the target and can even make a noticeable dent in a tank. Like all Machine Guns, the real problem is delivering the damage because the Heavy Machine Gun has the lowest Aim in the game, at 70%, equal to the Gatling Gun. The Heavy Machine Gun also has the worst Small Recovery Recovery time at 150, equal to the Infernal Tube, Default Shotgun and Double-Barrelled Shotgun.

This weapon is best used in conjunction with Small Aim Aiming skills, ideally Item Barrel Extension Barrel Extension or Gen Ability Eye of the Tiger. Another ideal skill to use with the Heavy Machine Gun is Item Loader Loader, because when the weapon is empty, the trooper tends to holster this bad dude rather than reloading it. Thus, the Loader skill allows him to take full advantage of the weapon.


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