Interception Interception
Screen Interception


Levels 7+.


<Trooper> throws back any grenades.


Occasionally pick up the grenade (once).


"Right back at ya!"



Counter to:

All Gen Grenade Grenade except
Skill Fragmentation Grenade Skill Clown Grenade Skill Healing Grenade

Countered by:

Interception (Once)

Interception is an unlockable active Gen Ability Ability. Once acquired, it allows the Btl Troopers Trooper to throw enemy grenades back where they came from. It can effectively counter grenadiers, especially troopers specialising in Helm Munitions Munitions. A good pick considering the high practical value of grenades, how commonly they are used, and how horribly they can backfire on the enemy.

This skill won't trigger if the trooper owning it holds a Heavy weapon.

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