King of Boules
King of Boules


Levels 2+.


Grenades thrown never miss their target.


Always (passive).


"Him over there, his head looks like a decent target."

No Effect:

Skill Clown Grenade

Countered by:

Skill Flashbang

King of Boules is an unlockable Gen Ability Ability. Once acquired it grants a 100% to-hit chance with all types of Gen Grenade Grenades except Item Clown Grenade Clown Grenade. Due to their effectiveness and tendency to miss, such an upgrade is a good addition to your grenadier's stock especially Helm Munitions Munitionmen.
King of boules

You can get this skill as early as level 2.

Two kings

as you can see, trooper can have two same skills (likely it was a bug)

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