Levels 1+


Always do maximum damage to an opponent you've already hit.


Always (Passive).


"You're going on the list. I'm taking names!"

Unforgiving is an unlockable passive ability. The Btl Troopers Trooper deals maximum damage to an enemy, which has already hit the trooper. A handy pick for a shock trooper armed with a shotgun or the Wpn Thompson Thompson due to their wide damage amplitudes.

This skills is useless with any weapons that have static damage. Due to its nature it does not work with the Desert Eagle or with any rifles (except MOS-TECK).

Wrong description

Note, that official english description of this skill has a mistake due to mistranslation. So, it should read as "Always do maximum damage to an opponent, which has already hit you" instead official description "Always do maximum damage to an opponent you've already hit"


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